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Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery repairs and reconstructs damaged and missing skin and tissue that is often the result of surgery, illness, an injury or a congenital abnormality.

Here at Croydon Day Hospital we have highly regarded and experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeons who have undergone intensive specialist training in plastic surgery. They can perform a range of plastic surgeries to improve the function and appearance of specific parts of a person’s body or skin. They offer convenient and local appointments to discuss in detail your individual plastic surgery needs. We offer excellent aftercare in a relaxed and restful hospital setting.

We provide a full range of plastic surgeries for your body and face including breast enlargements, reductions and uplifts, face and neck lifts, rhinoplasty, pinnaplasty, blepharoplasty, labiaplasty, body contouring, and scar and skin lesion removal.

Bilateral Mammoplasty Augmentation

A bilateral mammoplasty augmentation is performed to increase the size of both of a woman’s breasts. It can be performed purely for cosmetic reasons to create larger and more voluptuous breasts, or following a mastectomy. Implants are usually used in cosmetic surgery for breast enlargements.

Ladies who have had a mastectomy (double or single) as part of their breast cancer treatment, may have mammoplasty (breast reconstruction) at the same time as their mastectomy or sometime later on. Breasts can be reconstructed using implants or tissue from your back, stomach, thighs or buttocks to build up the breast area to achieve a more feminine breast appearance. Your plastic surgeon will offer detailed advice to help you to decide.

Excision of Excess Labial Tissue

The labia minora (inner lips of the vagina) are naturally different in shape and size from one woman to another. However, some women have labia that cause them discomfort or they feel uncomfortable with the appearance of their labia. Excess labia minora can cause pain during exercise and intercourse and can show in some clothing choices.

The excision of excess labial tissue, also known as a labiaplasty, is surgery to reduce the size of these skin flaps at either side of your vaginal opening. The procedure is carefully performed by your plastic surgeon whilst you are under local anaesthetic and it usually takes about an hour.


Pinnaplasty, also known as otoplasty, is ear correction surgery that is performed to improve the appearance of your ears so that they fit better with the rest of your facial features. It can alter the size or shape of your ears, or pin them back if they stick out. By making these adjustments patients often feel less emotional distress about their ears and have increased self-confidence.

The operation can be performed under general or local anaesthetic and will take one to two hours. Your surgeon will make a small incision behind your ear and then reshape or partially remove your ear cartilage.


Blepharoplasty is surgery to remove excess fat or skin from your eye area to produce fresher and younger looking eyes. It can also improve your sight once sagging eyelids are removed. Age and gravity are the main causes of droopy eyelids and bags under your eyes.

An upper blepharoplasty treats hooded or droopy upper eyelids. It is also called eyelid or eyelift surgery. Your plastic surgeon will simply remove and tighten excess skin from around your eyes.

A lower blepharoplasty, also known as eye bag removal, aims to reduce age-related puffiness around your eyes, called eye bags. A blepharoplasty is a day case procedure that is usually performed under general anaesthetic and takes around one or two hours.

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