After Your Stay

After Your Stay

You will be ready to go home when:

• Any monitoring results are stable (such as blood pressure or pulse).
• You have no (or minimal) discomfort.
• You have no nausea.
• Your wound dressing/bandage/plaster (if you have one) is clean, dry and secure.
• You are able to mobilise safely (especially important if you have had a foot
or leg procedure).

Before you leave the hospital following your procedure, please check that you have the following:

• Pain relief tablets.
• and/or other medication you may need to take at home (or you know where to get
them from). Please be aware a charge is made for take home drugs.
• Any follow up appointments you require (for example, with your Surgeon,
Physiotherapist or Nurse)

• A ‘post discharge advice’ leaflet which contains advice on how to look after yourself at home following your procedure.
• A copy of the letter which is sent to your GP or Practice/District Nurse detailing your treatment.
• Medical or ‘fit’ certificate (if required).

Follow-up care

Please follow all the instructions we have given you when at home. If required we will phone you within 24 hours of going home, just to ensure that everything is going according to plan and you have no concerns.

If you are concerned about anything after your treatment, then please contact the hospital or follow the information in your discharge advice leaflet (which will be given to you on discharge).


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