Benefits of Day Surgery

The benefits to patients include:

  • Greater accessibility and avoidance of cancellation
  • Reduced disruption to patients’ daily routines with lower levels of work absence
  • Good post-operative pain control
  • Short waiting time before surgery
  • Reduced length of stay and avoidance of patients feeling rushed
  • Patient centred care delivered in comfortable surroundings  
  • Follow-up phone call the following day

Advantages include:

  • Increased through-put of patients
  • Fixed scheduling reducing cancellations and more efficient theatre use
  • Better use of high cost operating theatres
  • Fewer risks of hospital related infections
  • Complications arising from day surgery are minimised

Quality Outcomes

Croydon Day Hospital has a clear commitment to deliver safe, quality treatment to our patients and to ensure that everyone who visits our hospital has an excellent experience. 

Reflecting our highest priority of patient safety, all of Ramsay Health Care’s hospitals work within the Department of Health guidelines by screening all patients for MRSA. Cleanliness is vital to minimising infection. Our hospital staff are fully trained in the latest procedures and thus maintain all areas to the highest standard.

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