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The imaging service at Croydon Day Hospital has the latest diagnostic equipment and is staffed by experienced professionals including consultant radiologists and diagnostic radiographers.


Having an x-ray is a quick and painless procedure. It will produce images of the inside of your body. Dense parts of your body such as bone show up as white areas and softer parts such as your heart and lungs are darker areas. X-rays can be used to look at many areas of the body but they’re most often used for bones and joints. Sometimes they can detect soft tissue problems. An x-ray may reveal the following problems:

  • bone fractures and breaks
  • scoliosis – an abnormal curvature of your spine
  • bone tumours – cancerous and non-cancerous
  • loose teeth and dental abscesses
  • lung problems – cancer and pneumonia
  • swallowing problems
  • heart conditions – heart failure
  • breast cancer


Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to create an image of the inside of your body. It is often the first line of investigation, is quick and usually pain-free. It can be used for pregnant ladies to monitor their unborn baby, to diagnose a condition, and for performing many procedures that are carried out under ultrasound guidance to help guide the surgeon.

During an ultrasound scan, you will usually lie on a bed and a small amount of gel will be placed on the area of investigation. Your consultant or radiographer will use a small handheld probe that is moved over your skin. Images can be viewed on a monitor.

Ultrasound can also be internal such as transvaginal or endoscopic to look more closely inside your body.

How to access our diagnostic services

Private patients can book a test directly with our diagnostic service department. We will need a GP referral for diagnostic imaging to ensure we have all the correct clinical information. Often your consultant will refer you for appropriate imaging tests. GPs can refer directly to use for x-ray and ultrasound. We will report back to your GP.

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